Encore Leaders are successful people who are engaged in legacy work that matters!

Have you reached a “Transition Tipping Point”? THINK about…

  • Seeking professional development
  • (Promotion, New Company, New Field of Work, Executive Level Leadership, etc.)
  • Rewiring… not retiring
  • Empty Nest BUT not EMPTY… Relevance?
  • Becoming an author
  • Assessing your behavior, character, teaming characteristics, values, culture
  • Making greater contributions to family, friends, faith, profession
  • Seeking further education
  • Making hobby a business… becoming an entrepreneur
  • Parenting and Grandparenting
  • Just THINKing… “WHAT’S NEXT?”

Learn how to…

  • Re-examine your journey, purpose, behavior, values, beliefs, passion and vision;
  • Redefine your personal strategic plan, your assets and your network;
  • Reinvest in your brand and your future plan;
  • Reimagine, Innovate and Reinvent!

Engage in Encore Leadership…

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