Returning Items Bought from

Your packing slip provides specific return instructions and addresses — please refer to it for details.

Physical item returns are accepted within 14 days of the date that you received your order. Books (in their original, unopened, shrink-wrapped condition) can be mailed with the original packing slip to:

Crystal Stairs
 Returns Department
P. O. Box 530215
West Palm Beach, FL 33403

If purchased via another channel, such as Amazon, iBooks, PayPal, etc., return policies must be adhered to from the provider.

Items That Cannot Be Returned

We are unable to accept returns for downloadable PDFs such as the Encore Leadership eWorkbook and Encore Leadership eJournal. Bulk orders of 50 or more copies are non-returnable.

Webinars within a 48 hour period prior to the scheduled day and time will be eligible for refund. No refunds will be made
available for webinars that have been completed or within the 48 hour window. Clients are encouraged to listen to the
replay if not available to participate in the session at the appointed time.

Assessments and books provided with training programs are not refundable once access is provided.

Coaching sessions scheduled must be cancelled or rescheduled prior to 72 hours or the session will be forfeited.

Note: Shipping charges are non-refundable.